CA budget impact on students

I. am. pissed.

“Because of growing uncertainty about California’s budget and possible impacts on the Spring 2009 class schedule, we are postponing registration for a few weeks.” – SF State website

This means that, similar to last semester, many classes will be cut and many students will be fucked. I was planning on finally finishing my BA in psychology but it seems that fate will have it otherwise.

So let’s say, worse case scenario (in this case, also the likely scenario), classes that aren’t requirements for majors or that already have many sections get cut. So fewer classes and fewer sections of classes will be offered. Some of the classes I need to graduate are not what you would call priority classes, especially some very narrow courses of study like Psycholinguistics. I guess I don’t need that exact class but I’ve been waiting for it to be offered since I started at SFSU and it’s the exact topic I’m most interested in. So fuck it, yeah I need it. I am almost expecting it to get cut and who knows when they’d offer it again. But other classes that I DO need, like the Intro to Research class, will likely have sections cut. Scheduling-wise, I was already stressed because I was only going to work less than 10 hours a week but now I’m even more concerned that my options will be limited and I’ll be forced to drag out my undergraduate studies for another semester. That means way more money than I need to spend, which means the school should!?! So why do classes and sections need to be cut? Where is the money going? I don’t understand – any economists, please explain.

I hope that none of the classes I was planning on taking will be cut, just like I hope John McCain and Sarah Palin won’t win the election. But these are two scary things that are too close to happening and all that’s left is hope. So I got that goin’ for me.


~ by jbird. on October 31, 2008.

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