CA budget/students follow-up…

The president of SFSU, Robert Corrigan, had this to say in an email to all students:

“As you have no doubt read, the long-delayed state budget – which started with a deficit – has worsened in recent weeks, with revenues falling well below projections. In response, the Department of Finance has required state agencies to make a $390 million General Fund budget cut — $31.3 million from the CSU alone. SF State’s share of that cut will be slightly under $1.9 million. We are going to be able to cover that reduction from funds we held in reserve earlier this year, in case something of this sort might happen. That is the good news. Now, however, it is looking very likely that the CSU and other state agencies will be told to cut their budgets again in mid-year. We do not know the size or exact timing of such a cut. We do know, however, that it would have major impacts on SF State. Among them would be reduction of the class schedule.”

Well, I guess it IS good news that this cut will be covered but I’m a little uneasy about the fact that these motherfuckers were sitting on almost $2 million. That’s a hefty rainy-day fund. Maybe I just didn’t know about it, or maybe they never mentioned this before, but either way.. it makes me question what other things I don’t know about my school. How much money is left? Where did all this money come from? $2,000,000 is a lot of money to have just “in case something of this sort might happen.”


~ by jbird. on November 2, 2008.

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