Which young, thin, non-white, Ivy League-educated politician who has a foreign-sounding name and prominent ears is changing the face of politics as we know it?

Oh … and whose name is not Barack Obama?


That’s right, the president-elect may hold a monopoly on current buzz, but some in the GOP are looking to their own whiz kid to lead them out of the proverbial wilderness the Democrats have just left behind.

His name is Bobby Jindal, and he’s the 37-year-old Indian American governor of Louisiana.”

NOW the Republican party thinks it’s cool to put a brown man on the front line of their party. How insulting that it takes a black man’s success to make the Republican party just happen to pick an Indian American to potentially represent their party in the next election. These motherfuckers are so racist they think it was just Obama’s blackness that got him in. It was everything he said he’d do that got him elected but he also happens to be black. On election night, the news showed a poll that asked Americans whether race was a factor in their decision in this election. 80% said no, 19% said yes. That’s like the question being “Are you racist” and just answering “Yeah, I am.” Gross. But I guess it’s nice to see they’ve expanded their tiny fucking minds.


~ by jbird. on November 10, 2008.

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